Sherry Hart has written four novels:

Stolen Memories
The Gazebo
Heavenly Images
Forgotten Images

© Copyright 2008

 Within the confines of a Florida hospital room Jane Doe opens her eyes and does not remember her own silhouette.  She is horrified to learn the frightening details of her misfortune involving a car sinking into a canal.  Two brave young joggers saved her and foiled an attempt on her life.

 With a guard posted, a second bold effort is attempted in the hospital.  The assailant was shot while trying to escape and his unfortunate death erased any and all answers to the baffling mystery.  Upon learning her true identity she arrives home where a new life humorously begins with oral communications to a housekeeper who speaks Spanish. 

 Stocked with ample supplies and hidden loaded weapons, two secret rooms are accidentally discovered in the house as Addison Caldwell questions her puzzling past.  Addison soon discovers she owns her own decorating establishment and with much assistance, Addison learns about her home, herself and the business.  

 Filled with tears and bribes, Addison stares at the mirror and pleads to the sleeping Addison to wake up and help her survive.  “Please wake up.  No woman needs that much beauty sleep!  I have chocolate!”  After a third attempt on her life failed, a body guard was hired.  Addison refuses to remain in hiding and wears a vest beneath her clothing when she ventures out of the house.  

 Shooting lessons as well as self defense instructions begin.  Glimpses of the past leave Addison with a small clue.  An innocent person is sent to jail while Addison is left on her own and prepares to fight for her life.  The truth is finally revealed when Addison is confronted by her raging attacker.  After shots were fired and it was too late, she clearly remembers the driver of the truck that killed her parents.  

With no past memory, other than the tragic automobile accident, Addison vows to live her life to the fullest and to create new memories to cherish.  Addison Paige Caldwell will not be unaccompanied with those new memories.

Again I inhaled a deep breath and moved two steps forward while eyeing the area to my left and right.  My thoughts drifted to Jade and Amber and then to scrumptious chocolate as I prepared myself for the long haul to the car.  I concentrated on a special outfit that I would be wearing tonight on my second date with Avery.  I concentrated on remaining brave as I slowly moved forward again.  As soon as I stepped off the walk, something sharp and painful hit me in the chest.  My breathing became labored and my legs were unsteady as I dropped everything in my hands, clutched my heart and fell backwards.  Before my eyes closed, I looked up and saw the clouds above me.  People were gathering all around me and whispering.  I heard a man yell to call the police.  Everything became silent and faded to black.

 © Copyright 2006

The story opens with Esther Greene frantically waiting to finally meet her grandchildren.  Special Agent Gail Morris makes her first personal appearance as she introduces the three teenagers.

Esther reflects back on her life in Florida after leaving Boston.  Her daughter and son-in-law live under the Witness Protection Program.  In the gazebo, a desolate Esther questions her future to her dearly departed husband, Harry.  Distressing news is received regarding Esther’s only daughter.

Once the children arrive Esther is playfully introduced to Mexican cuisine, Tums and a new world at the computer.  The twin girls, Ainsley and Ashley, exhibit their amazing culinary talents while a dashing Colin takes over as man of the house.

After a few brief typing lessons, Esther begins the first chapter in her novel and writes about a Cerebral Palsy Telethon.  Concerns emerge as the children display fear and distrust.  Esther meets with the high school principal in search of some assistance.

One sided conversations continue in the gazebo as Esther asks her Harry for a heavenly sign regarding the safety of the children.  A visit from Hurricane Frances eases Esther’s mob-related thoughts.  Esther hires a private investigator along with bodyguards for the children.  

Esther fears her days on earth are numbered.  After many bouts with anxiety, nightmares, temporary memory loss and nervous twitches, Esther takes matters into her own hands.  She secretly asks the Federal Agent to set up a meeting between her and the head of the Mafia.  

With little time left, Esther struggles to finish her novel for the children.  She is prepared to sacrifice her life for the safety of all three grandchildren.  Esther extends her private farewells.

The meeting date arrives as Esther struggles to select an appropriate outfit for her execution.  After being thoroughly searched, she comes face to face with a dangerous mobster.  Esther is relieved to learn she will be able to continue her life.  She celebrates with her loving family as Harry finally exhibits a magical heavenly sign.

The following morning Special Agent Gail Morris introduced my three grandchildren to me as I stood in awe.  “Harry, I may need a little help here.  I hope you are close by.  My heart is beating so fast.  Is that normal?  Harry, are you there?”  “This is Ashley and her twin sister Ainsley.”  Awkwardly, I raised my arms to welcome these enchanted young ladies, when they both suddenly rushed into my open arms and hugged me warmly.  Tears emerged and flooded my face.  It was apparent that the young man could not wait for a proper introduction and refused to be left out of this happy family gathering.  He lunged forward and inched his way into my arms.  He gently kissed my cheek and said, “I’m Colin, your grandson.”  That was all I could handle.  Now I exhibited enough tears to sink the Titanic all over again.  These three children accepted me instantly.  What a wonderful beginning.  I was trembling with delight.  “Harry you better be watching all this.  Aren’t they beautiful?  Are you crying too?  These are our grandchildren.  What a wonderful sound.”    

© Copyright 2001

My first contact with my dead twin sister occurred when she saved my life while I was driving my car.  All the past heartbreaking thoughts came forward in an instant as I recalled my delightful childhood.  Everyone referred to us as Selena and Serena, the prettiest and luckiest identical twins.  Serena makes herself known as she places Selena’s favorite roses across her bed pillows.  Selena’s twin nieces spend the night while they all share love, laughter and secrets.  An unexpected snow storm lengthens the house guests’ visit along with nonstop amusement.

Selena is extremely close with her niece Audrina and her loving family.  Mark is Selena’s previous doctor and they have been dating since she left the hospital.  Selena continues to speak and wait for her sister to appear.  Her favorite shawl is mysteriously moved from one room to another.  Selena’s restaurant has an unexpected fire and Selena ends up in the hospital.  She was disappointed for she assumed it was her time to be reunited with her sister.  Selena finalizes her will and ties up all her loose ends.  She knew it was merely a matter of time for her to remain on this earth.

A piano that was once stored in the attic is now the focal point in the living room.  Serena majestically appears and plays the piano at night for her sister.  Both sisters enjoy a playful time together exploring the attic and recalling their school days.  Serena becomes more daring and playful as she moves objects around including large pieces of furniture.  Selena attempts to confide her miraculous secret to a friend and later changes her mind.  Selena finds herself with more energy and a new outlook.  Her sister has returned and she looks forward to being together for all eternity.
A yellow car follows Selena and a private detective is hired.  The twins end up in the hospital with Cocaine ingestion.  Due to the present danger, Selena asks her family to stay away for a while.  Selena rents a car while her own car is being repaired due to vandalism.  When her car was returned, the rented car was tampered with and the driver from the body shop was killed.  The stalker’s identity is revealed and her yellow car was discovered at the bottom of a hill where it exploded.  No body was found.

Thinking the nightmare had ended and it was safe once again, Selena’s family returns to her side.  The twins sleep over for fun and games.  The stalker appears in Selena’s home threatening to kill her.  Serena makes an appearance and pushes the villain down the stairs.  Serena informs her sister that she had returned to protect her and to show her what her life could be like.  Visions of the past were viewed.    Selena and Serena express their tearful good bye.  Selena awakens to a new day and her first phone call is to set a date for her wedding.  

As soon as I closed the door, Serena appeared before me.  With a wave of her hand, she shut off the outside lights and secured the door.  She was wearing a full length magnificent white beaded gown.  I was positive this was not one of grandmother’s gowns from the attic.  This was definitely Serena’s gown.  It was quite a change from the evening before when she was sporting old jeans, sandals and a sequin sweater.  Serena appeared more ethereal tonight.  The amazing nebulous glow that surrounded her slender figure forced me to stop and silently stare.  Perhaps this was my time and she was all dressed and ready to go.  I comically pondered over the fact that perhaps my attire of a simple skirt, sweater and boots were not proper.  Struggling to remain nonchalant, I was fully aware that any direct questions would still not be answered.  “So Serena, you look absolutely gorgeous.  Do you have any plans in particular for us tonight?  Should I change my clothes into something a tad more formal?”  Serena merely smiled and floated into the kitchen.   

© Copyright 1996

Selena Austin looks back with sadness, as she remembers the love that was once shared with her identical twin sister.  No one could tell them apart, except of course their parents.

One wintry evening, Serena and her husband Travis were driving home when their car skidded off an icy road.  Travis was killed instantly and Serena died on the operating table after giving birth to a baby girl.  At that precise moment of impact, Selena was at home and witnessed the fatal accident through her sister’s eyes.  She screamed in horror and fell to the floor in a coma.

On March 25th, 1990, Selena miraculously furnished herself with an extraordinary birthday present.  After twenty six years in a coma, she opened her eyes to take a peek at the world around her.  Selena awoke with no memory of her past.

A patient at the institution introduces himself to Selena as the One and Only, Groucho Marx.   Groucho and Selena become close friends and rehearse vaudeville skits together. Selena befriends other patients in a caring and compassionate manner.  She is surprised by Blaze’s first striptease, entertained by Molly’s stories about aliens and hypnotized by Nancy’s tearful lullaby to her doll. Humorous monopoly games persist in which Selena joins a catatonic Alfred and a holocaust survivor named Leon. 

While lying on the front grounds admiring a beautiful clear sky, Selena’s images vividly returned.  She remembered her loss and screams, “Serena, please don’t leave me,” as she embraces and returns to her soundless ambiance with the intention of forever residing in a tranquil state.

While Selena hibernates in a coma, Groucho reads to her every night and prays for his leading lady to return.  Her mother pleads, “Dear God, please bring her back to me.  I don’t have another twenty six years to wait.”  Days pass while Selena peacefully dreams of her identical twin sister.    Once again she is with her loving playmate, running along the beach with their favorite kites in hand.  

Selena awakens and cries in her mother’s arms.   She stares at an elderly woman and realizes that a great deal of time has indeed passed.   As Selena prepares to return home, Morgan Adler, Groucho’s alter steps forward to say au revoir.  In the recreation room, Mrs. Rittenhouse and Captain Spaulding recite their closing lines from “Hello, I Must Be Going.”  There is a tearful good bye at the front gate when Selena stops and waves to Groucho.  Her beloved Captain stands alone at the window, watching his Margaret Dumont exit the stage. 

Every Saturday Selena now spends with her young nieces.   She fondly informs them about their special life ahead as an identical twin. Their adoring eyes and loving ways make each day seem equivalent to a blessing.   Selena has been granted a second chance in life.  Selena Gayle Austin has returned home. 

Suddenly the book fell from my hands to the carpet below.  My hands reached up and covered both eyes as if to try to erase the horrible and tragic vision that appeared in my head.  A spine tingling scream from deep within my body then followed, as if I had been in the same place and at the same time of the accident.  I stood up abruptly and screamed one word “No.”  I felt my eyes roll to the back of my head and my body began to quiver uncontrollably as though I was experiencing a severe seizure and my breath grew quite rapid.  As my eyes opened only for a moment, I glanced at the kite leaning against the wall and then I fell to the floor and went into a deep sleep.  The tragic vision had now disappeared and I was no longer afraid, for I had shut out the world I didn’t want and had created a new one.  I lay on the floor beside my bed in a welcome and peaceful silence.  Nothing could happen to me now because I was safe in another place.